Database Professional News

I just catched up with a big bunch of news around the Database Professional and I am more then excited about the variety of features that got into the Product without having a major release. First of all and already a bit "outdated" is the

DBPro Service Release 1 from end of July that can be downloaded from here.  SR1 brings a bunch of smaller feature changes and fixes and sets the stage for Power Tools. See KB Article for Details and Gerts Blog for Database References Details.

Additionally the just released

Power Tools are impressive. Features like Static Code Analysis for T-SQL, a RegEx Editor for Data Generation Plans, a bunch of new Refactoring possibilities just to mention a few. See Gerts blog for an overview and more details or just download them here.

Do not miss the corresponding channel9 video on the SR1 and Power Tools release including a sneak preview in the next power tool content.

Last but not least I want to point you to a Whitewater on the Database UNIT Testing with DBPro.


And as I am really excited of this feature here a few screen shots from the T-SQL static code analysis:

Choosing rules to enforce:

Running static code analysis:

Investigating the results:

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