Migration is coming

Today I want to show you 2 migration related topics. First I want you to be sure not to miss an article from Steven St. Jean that really describes the VSS to TFS Migration in a great way. (Direct Link) Also I am glad that we now can speak public about our invest in building…


Project Server Connector is available

Normally I try not to repeat to much content from other blogs but this topic is really asked so frequently by customers, so I want to be sure no one will miss the availability:   ANNOUNCING THE VISUAL STUDIO TEAM SYSTEM – PROJECT SERVER CONNECTOR! We are pleased to announce general availability of the Project…


WebAccess for Team System

I believe one or another has heard about Teamplains WebAccess, a great tool, offering fully fletched WebAccess for Team Foundation Server. If you are interessted you can check it out live: http://demo.teamplain.com Besides the fact having a WebAccess the tool also demonstrates the great extensibility features, that Team System offers!


Interesting Webcasts

I wanted to point you to a few upcoming English Webcasts, even they are not all running at an German friendly timeframe: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server HOW TO: Plan for, Install, and Configure Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)   Visual Studio 2005 and MSDN – a procurement perspective…


A first motivation entry – Data Generation with DBPro

Actually I planned to really keep news, technical information and motivation entries in balance but as you probably already recognized, the motivation section really slipped. Reason behind is not the lack of motivation, more a bit lack of time 🙂 But now here we go: Late summer I did set up a whole new VPC…


Team System for Database Professionals – CTP6 is released

Great news: The product team just published CTP6 and I wanted to let you know this immediately. For details about new features and functionality see camarons blog . If you just want to download the CTP right away, here you go.