Come see me @ MIX

I’ll be @ MIX working the midnight mashup camp. If you’re going to be around and plan on hitting the camp between 8PM and 2AM Monday night, stop by and chat. You can also code against the lab I wrote for Version 5 due out shortly.


Rooftop Geocoding Now Available!

The era of rooftop geocoding is upon us. Rooftop geocoding is now available in MapPoint Web Service. What is rooftop geocoding? With the popularity of aerial photography interpolation geocoding which has been in use for years is no longer sufficient to accurately pinpoint where a location is. Rooftop geocoding specifies exactly where the roof of…


Illustrating Signal Strength on Virtual Earth

Ironically, I was sent 2 applications using Microsoft mapping today both of which are illustrating coverage maps for the range of their networks. 1 – Cincinnati Bell is using MapPoint Web Service to highlight their wireless coverage on a map.The site highlitghts signal strength with color coding of areas; and, highlights partner companies that pick…


Virtual Earth Version 3 & 4 Map Controls Compressed

Versions 3 & 4 of our API were compressed yesterday – they went out with the release of the new version of Windows Live Local/Maps, Live Maps, Live Search Maps or choose your favorite name, but remember Virtual Earth is the platform and not the web site. Anyway, versions 3 & 4 were considerably reduced…

Evidence of Virtual Earth’s Power in the Enterprise

We’ve recently published a case study and video highlighting British Petroleum’s use of Virtual Earth – see it here: Now, I love to demo this application – it’s a powerful illustration of what Virtual Earth brings to the table in terms of data visualization. If you’re trying to prove to someone that you want Virtual Earth…


Sweet Home San Diego – You’re in 3D!

Along with a few more cities, plus more bird’s eye and our first exposure into the GlobeXplorer library. Also, Chicago you finally get your bird’s eye (Germany too). And, Norway? Are you kidding me? Check out Oslo! And how about some International 3D? Britain, you finally can see some 3D. Here are the full details directly from…


InfoNow parts ways with MapQuest for Microsoft

It’s official – InfoNow is now a Microsoft partner and will be pushing the Virtual Earth and MapPoint Web Service platforms for its customers. Why is this significant? Oh, I don’t know….maybe because they are one of if not the biggest integrator of MapQuest technology into customer applications….maybe because they’ve been seen as thought leaders…


Farallon Geographics Builds Web Based GIS Redevelopment Project Tracking Portal for Boston Redevelopment Authority

Check the press release here: This is a great example of how Virtual Earth can help in government applications. You can see screen shots of the application via the link which illustrates the use of pushpins, vector line and polygon drawing, raster overlays, Bird’s Eye imagery and 3D all integrated into a site with…


Plan out your Trips with and Virtual Earth Check out’s use of Virtual Earth – You have to sign up to get access to most of the features, but a sick little site highlighting ways to map out your travel itenerary and the events associated with your trip.


Going to ETech 2007?

ETech (Emerging Technology Conference) is in San Diego which is reason enough, but now you have another reason – ME! Ha! I’ll be presenting a 45-minute session titled “Virtual Earth in the Enterprise” March 28 @ 5:25 You can read about me and my session on the ETech site. This will be my first trip to ETech,…