Fixing Black Shadows on Transparent Tile Overlays

Lewis Harvey posted a great fix for the “black shadow” issue in transparent tile overlays on Virtual Earth – something that has been plaguing our platform since we began natively supporting tile overlays. The fix was completed by the dev team, tested and ready for release to production, but other priorities have prevailed. This is…


New Maps and Imagery

{OK, so change of plans. I’ve edited the this and reposted – specifically, the cities with 3D models. Oh, and the release is later today (12/14), so if you got this 2 days ago when I posted it, well, you were informed a bit early.} We updated our map coverage, ortho imagery, Bird’s Eye imagery…


Starwood Hotels Uses Virtual Earth

Check out this beautiful design and integration of Virtual Earth to highlight some of Starwood’s Westin Hotels around the world and the surrounding ammenities: I’m loving the smooth transitions, the 360 degree images of the hotels and the visitor commentary! Such a great site.


Map Cruncher 3.0 Released

Need to crunch more tiles? Need to crunch them faster? Now you can! Download the latest version of Map Cruncher @ Here’s a high-level list of new features: • Far more robust — major internal restructuring of the code makes things much more reliable • Integrated with v4.0 MapControl API — including support for the new…


Spaceland Launch Video

We had a huge shindig in San Francisco last Monday when we launched Spaceland (aka Virtual Earth 3-D). As a part of the launch there was a video composed to get everyone pumped about the product. You can watch the video (as if you were at the launch) right here:


Home Builders Take Note!

Virtual Earth and Map Cruncher prove useful for home builders by allowing you to overlay planned developments. For example, let’s say you’re converting a parcel, adding a street, a block, or entire neighborhood (!) and you want to do some planning or marketing to potential customers; you can use the Map Cruncher tool to overlay…


Home Services Adopts Virtual Earth

Many, many real estate companies are seeing the power and flexibility of the Virtual Earth platform. It all started with John L. Scott out of Bellevue, WA who set the precedent for Web 2.0 Real Estate site using maps and has spread like wildfire. Now, the Home Services companies have adopted our platform which means…


Spaceland Launch Review

Mike Boland did a good job of documenting the Virtual Earth 3-D Launch Event (code name Spaceland). Read about it on his blog here: I gotta give props to anyone who quotes me. 🙂


MapCruncher for 3-D?

Check out this site that has already adopted using Map Cruncher with our Virtual Earth Map Control in 3-D mode: You get the same interface that you do in 3-D mode including building models and digital elevation models; however, now you can add customized map tiles to overlay on the map!