Virtual Earth – A Great Waste of Time…

Or, so says PC Magazine. Apparently, our browser-based 3D environement is so addicting (and apparently time-wasting if you're on our consumer site) that it made PC Mag's "The web's 15 best time wasters." If it's so addicting, we must be doing something right! Did you know 3D is part of the API? Included with your license?? Also available for mashup developers. You get all the features of 2D, plus 3D wrapped up in the same license. How about them apples?

Comments (1)

  1. Me says:

    It’s addictIVE not addictING!!!!!!!!


    Wow, I didn’t know we had grammar checkers on blogs now. I guess I’ll need to proof read a bit more. So petty.


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