Japan Mashup

Check out this mashup using our Japan Maps (Thanks Y)! http://dev.geoap.jp/demo/ve_keiro/ve_ajax_keiro.html. VERY COOl!   The following functionality was discoverable:   1.Enable a user to define a location(s) with a right-mouse click. 2.Obtain the shortest path between two points/locations 3.Obtain the altitude values for the route in #2. 4.Display the route (route map) from #2 over…


New Bird’s Eye Imagery – 1/24/2007

I’m a bit slow to post this, but the following imagery is now available in Bird’s Eye view: Counties: Dade Co, FLHarris Co, TX                 Palm Co, FL                 Jefferson Co, AL            Montgomery Co, AL       Travis Co, TX                 Horry Co, TX                  Jackson Co, MI              Yuma Co, AZ                 Snohomish Co, WA       Mesa Co, CO                Genesee Co, MI             Mercer…


Miami in 3D

We just published Miami and Miami Beach in 3D. You can check out the building models along the coast line. And, although my Chargers choked and I lost a bet to some girl in Boston, Dolphins’ Stadium is available just in time for the Super Bowl. Check it out here.


Look Local by Idelix

Someone forwarded me a great site comparing Virtual Earth, Google Maps and Yahoo Maps. You can see it here: http://looklocal.idelix.com. This is a fantastic site! I love the mini-window which provides contrast between your focus area and the rest of the world around it. The zoom factor is sweet allowing you to zoom up to…


Come see us at Inman – NYC

I’ll be working the Microsoft Virtual Earth booth at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference next week. Stop by the booth and say, “Hey!” I’m going to try to blog the trip on my Inman provided blog, but being on a time zone 3 hours ahead of what I’m used to may lead to some…

Want The New Bird’s Eye Navigation?

A release to the consumer site has exposed some new capabilities to the maps.live.com site which aren’t yet available in the API . . . or are they? Well, yes they are. This is completely unsupported so do so at your own risk; however, the latest release of Windows Live Maps / Windows Live Local…


Animated Icons on SportsDo

Check out this app which shows how SportsDo is working with the BBC for their cult Ski Sunday show tracking their main presenter, Graham Bell, down each of the men’s downhill courses this season. Once it loads the map, just click “Play.” Be sure to switch to 3-D mode to see it in true form.