Home Builders Take Note!

Virtual Earth and Map Cruncher prove useful for home builders by allowing you to overlay planned developments. For example, let's say you're converting a parcel, adding a street, a block, or entire neighborhood (!) and you want to do some planning or marketing to potential customers; you can use the Map Cruncher tool to overlay your drawings onto our maps and aerial imagery. Take a look at this example from Active Web Solutions for the SnOasis Development Plan in The United Kingdom. Niiiiiiice.

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  1. Yes this is true we did this with our previous application software that we wrote but then later had memory problems. Take a look, in the flash file on the <a href=”home’>http://www.mcdavidhomes.com”>home builder website</a>.


    All of the memory leaks have been fixed! You should move back to a more dynamic solution.


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