Syndication on Live Maps

Enterprises can now advertise on our 2D maps on Live Maps (aka, Live Local, Windows Live Local or Windows Live Maps). The first to release into the service are our good friends at Petco. Check out the Petco icons hovering over all Petco stores across the US -

There are actually multiple advertising opportunities on Live Maps. The first you'll notice is the branded icon hovering over each (in this case) Petco location. Next, you'll see that Petco is the "sponsor" of results. Finally, Petco also has their logo in the Live Local Search results and in the div when you hover over a location.

Do you want to advertise on Live Maps? Send me an email if you're interested.

Oh, and you can also advertise in 3-D on the billboards hovering in space but I figured you knew that by now. Ping me for those ads too.

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