Streets & Trips 2007 On The Way

The new version of S&T will be hitting the shelves in time for XMAS. In addition to updated data, the new version breaks new ground for trip planning and navigation software by tightly integrating online local search results with mapping and navigation capabilities. It also significantly enhances the navigation feature set with several improvements such as a “full screen mode” to enhance the driving experience, a better performing and sleeker hardware puck (featuring the latest SIRFIII technology), improvements to rerouting and additional navigation improvements such as drive times and reverse routing.  Lastly, we made the first significant investments in tailoring the application for ultra-mobile PCs, so that as that platform begins to emerge in CY07 we have a winning offering to attach to UMPC sales.

You can preorder on Amazon or pick it up in stores on October 12. And, yes Autoroute 2007 has the same features and will most likely be available a week later. 

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  1. Fast Cars says:

    Improve your fast car driving experience with the new Streets & Trips….

  2. Vitaliy says:

    I wonder if it still makes you accept the agreement every time you turn GPS on? 😉


    Agreement? You mean the one that we’re not responsible for you crashing your car if you use the GPS? I have the same complaint in my in car navigation. Everytime I turn the damn thing on it makes me say I will comply with the rules of the road, but then I can’t interact with it while I’m driving. It’s just a liability thing, you know.


  3. The new MS Streets & Trips 2007 reviewed at the pages of


    Sweet. Thanks for the link.


  4. someone says:

    When will Live Local become Live Global? like google earth…and when will MapPoint and Streets & Trips go international and not be confined to North America and Europe?


    Live Local has map coverage in 68 countries. We’re expanding beyond that soon. As for S&T, there are no plans to go beyond North America and Europe.


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