G’day, Windows Live Local Australia is Live

We launched some sweet new map data for Australia and even gave our Aussie friends down under a new URL to acces: http://local.live.com.au.

Here's some more detail about the release:

  • More Yellow Pages listings from nine MSN’s mylocal property than you can shake a stick at

  • New maps of the whole country built with updated road data

  • Satellite imagery of 100% of the country at 15m resolution (Level 13)

  • Satellite imagery of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth at 1m resolution (Level 17) (N.B. Melbourne will be published after the initial release) 

  • Map/Satellite hybrid views for the above satellite imagery 

  • Updated driving directions and routing improvements

You may have poked fun when we first release, but not we really are becoming Virtual Earth (as opposed to Virtual America).

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  1. bennie says:

    any chance the cameras went across the ditch and got low level shots of New Zealand as well?


    Ewe, I don’t think so. Sorry mate. In due time, though . . . in due time.


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