Got Questions About Virtual Earth?

Post them for the community to answer!

Development with Microsoft technology has largely been about community on MSDN - although many people feel the spirit is in contrast to that, it's not! You can find a community bulletin board for every product at Microsoft (or just about every product). Well, we now have one for Virtual Earth. Many of us from the product group will pop in on occassion to answer questions, but the idea is that you've got some wild, imaginative ideas and we're not always the right ones to answer the questions since we're focused on making the product and not extending it like you do. So, hold hands, sing cumbaya and be one with Virtual Earth development.

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  1. I think that Virtual Earth is fantastic and have developed which has over 50,000 points of interest. If you are thinking of going on holiday or are in the travel industry and are thinking of using Virtual Earth please take a look. You can add travel blogs for free. It is using SQL server as the database. One thing it would be nice to do is make the icons clickable as well as work with a mouse over, has anyone implemented this?



    You are truly, truly awesome!!! We have yet to see a travel site implement our Virtual Earth API. I’ll be passing this around the group. Expect your hit rate to increase this week. Many kudos for your work on this!


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