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The team just rolled out a sick little feature. Let's say you're searching for Starbucks in Redmond and you find the one you want - once you hover over the location you can now click a link reading, "Call for Free." When you click it you're prompted for your phone number (which you can save for next time). Enter your phone number and submit; your phone will ring. When you pick it up you'll hear a voice that says, "Connecting." You then hear the phone ring and someone at Starbucks in Redmond is on the other end. One less thing to do to get in touch with them. Now, if I can only get white page data and my ex-girlfriend's address. . .

After doing this a few times I realized I don't necessarily want to save my phone number. This is because I have 2 phones I mostly use - my cell phone (no house phone) and my office phone. Since my cell phone doesn't work in my office (inner office, no love) I'll want to use my office line when I'm at work and my cell everywhere else. Never fear - every time you click "Call for Free" the popup asking for your phone number will appear and you can fill it in with whatever number you like (if you saved your number it will be prepopulated in the boxes); however, it doesn't just connect you which for me is nice.

So, what's free? The connection service to link you up with the place of interest. You still get charged normal minutes on your phone or long distance charges if applicable. I get free incoming calls so I will be connecting at will!

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  1. Harry Reid III says:

    Can the call for free service be used outside the advertisements?

    For example, if I have a popup window (or bubble, if you prefer), would I be able to include the phone number of the place and a ‘Call for free’ link?


    If I’m understanding you correctly, there’s no API to use Call for Free. This is only available on the consumer site. We’re not actually using any ads for the service – the results are truly from our Local Search API listings.


  2. SP says:

    I did a search on my name and home address (People search), but even though the phone number is there, I could not call my house. Is this intentional? Is there a way to use the feature to Phone Home?


    I believe the intention was to not totally creep people out. No plans to add it, but I can just hear the contradictory voices now. It would be nice to have since you can call a business, why not call a person? I”ve forward this to the product team.


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