Customer Service Release – May 15, 2006

We're rolling out some updates for MapPoint Web Service on May 15 that you'll need to be aware of. The next CSR will consist of the following features:

  • New geocoding engine for the Find() API, specifically FindAddress(). Our geocoding has been spotty for certain address areas, so we're fixing the problem with a new geocoding engine. This will also be rolled out to Windows Live Local.

  • Improved performace for batch geocoding. We've had some issues supporting the number of loads coming in along with the number of records we're tasked to process. In response to this we're throwing some hardware at the problem, in addition to changing some of the back end architecture and upgrading to the latest and greatest software available.

  • Stand along batch geocoding. Much of the latency you were seeing with our batch geocoding was due to our system requiring that all files that are uploaded get propagated across all of our storage servers. We've lifted this requirement, so now you can just geocode files without waiting for them to be geocoded, loaded and create a download for them. Geocode and go.

  • Delete and copy files via CDS. The customer data service (CDS) allowed you to upload and download your files via API (as opposed to using the Customer Service Site), but you weren't able to delete or promote/demote your files. With the new CDS you can delete files or move them to and from production and staging via the api.

  • Multiple loads will be deleted. Many customers aren't sure if their load is being processed, so they continue to upload until they get some notification. With this new release our system will identify duplicate loads, keep the initial load and delete subsequent loads.

  • MapPoint.EU updated. Our European geographic data is getting refreshed.

  • MapPoint.NA postal codes updated. We updated our North American geographic data in March, so we're just updating postal codes with this release.

  • Updated SDK. The SDK had some bugs, so we're fixing those. Additionally, with all of the CDS changes we need to update the documentation on how to use it.



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  1. As Chris points out, we are coming up on our next Customer Service Release for MapPoint Web Service. …

  2. As Chris points out, we are coming up on our next Customer Service Release for MapPoint Web Service .

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