Virtual Earth and the Beautiful People

We put together a new mashup feautring some hot celebreties and Virtual Earth. You can see the site @ (or for those of you who like to type). If you've ever flown on American Airlines it's very similar to what their print magazine publish bi-monthly where they focus on a celebrity's home town and discuss favorite hotels, restaurants, shops, massage parlors, golf courses and other ways to blow through cash. Our site features the following celebs:

• Jeff Bridges — Santa Barbara
• Stacy Keibler — Washington, D.C., and Baltimore
• Anna Kournikova — Miami
• Eva Longoria — San Antonio
• Alex Rodriguez — New York
• Matt Leinart – Los Angeles
• Brittany Murphy – Edison, NJ
• Brad Paisley – Nashville, TN

I had the task of hanging out with Eva, Stacy and Anna to record their favorites.

Okay, I made that part up; but, the site is live and you should check it out.

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