New Bird’s Eye Imagery

We just loaded some new Bird's Eye imagery into the Virtual Earth platform, and thus into the Windows Live Local application. We now have imagery for the following counties:

·         Benton, AR

·         Broomfield, CO

·         Orange, FL

·         Catoosa, GA

·         Marion, KS

·         Lafourche, LA

·         Lincoln, LA

·         Dakota, MN

·         Olmstead, MN

·         Mercer, NJ

·         Montgomery, PA

·         Rutherford, TN

·         Tarrant, TX


Comments (4)
  1. Gary Pritt says:

    This stuff is Great

  2. Chris says:

    What’s up with Lake George, NY?  Most of the lake is available in Bird’s Eye View, except the bottom section (Lake George Village).



    We just haven’t processed the data yet. We’re so behind! We have tons of imagery that has been flown, but we’re behind in getting it out to the web. Stay tuned.


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