Street Side Imagery in WLL

We're taking it to the next level - street side imagery. Today @ noon PST we will launch Windows Live Local's version of street side imagery @

Some facts about it:

  • Right now the imagery resides in Seattle and San Francisco with New York are coming by week's end.

  • You can select 2 different cars (sports car and race car) or be a pedestrian (walk)

  • When you load the site, you will be thrust into the imagery as if you were in the driver's seat of a car. You will have imagery to the front, left and right of you.

  • You can use your mouse or keyboard to control the car

  • The street side imagery was collected just for Microsoft, so you won't see this imagery anywhere else.

  • Once you're on the site you will see a top pane for the imagery and a bottom pane for the Virtual Earth map with the car on it.

  • There is a new map style called "street." If you zoom in close enough (level 19) you will see all of the imagery along the side of the street while using this map style.

  • You can still perform a local search - new icons, but only 1 search at a time vs. 3 on Windows Live Local

  • You can really see "what it's like there"

  • It's pretty addicting, so block out some time to play with it.

If you're still thinking about why you should move off of your current mapping provider, I don't know how many more reasons we have to give you. 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has more details plus screenshots:

    "Microsoft’s is launching…

  2. Beverly Snyder says:

    Thats the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! Can’t wait for you to get to Ohio.


    Stay tuned – this is just the beginning.


  3. Brian says:

    Still waiting for New York….October 2, 2006.

    Me too. Not much detail I can give you right now.


  4. Marilyn says:

    Oh wow!!!!!!!!!! Please map the San Fernando Valley, California city streets soon!!!!!! this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! thank you for your hard work.


    Yeah, we haven’t updated the street side stuff, but we will soon enough. Big things on the horizon . . . stay tuned.


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