Virtual Earth Beta Map Control Version 2

There's been some confusion around moving from V1 to V2 beta of Virtual Earth. Hopefully, this helps clarify the situation.

1. The first VE control was posted to

2. It was then moved to (Same control, different location).

3. Now, the newest version is available @ This is what your applications should be using today.


Comments (2)

  1. Reid Watkins says:

    How about:

    As stated in the MSDN library, “This is the only control that you can use when creating commercial applications with Virtual Earth maps.”

    Since this link apparantly isn’t available, is there currently no legal option for using virtual earth on a commercial site?

  2. cpendle says:

    Yes! You can use the standard control for your commercial applications now. We will be depricating the commercial control as it exists today and getting everyone over to the standard control. You are still required to include the What/Where search bar with your commercial application unless you have a MapPoint Web Service agreement in place with Microsoft.

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