MapPoint 2006 – New Features

I just got the inside scoop on MapPoint 2006 new features:

  • New Advanced GPS Features - The new GPS task pane takes information about your current location as determined from your connected, compatible GPS device and displays your current location and the speed at which you are traveling.
  • Voice and Text Directions for Windows  XP Users - New Driving Guidance takes your location from a connected GPS device and combines it with a route you have created to give you voice-prompted driving directions.
  • Updated Geographic and Demographic Data - Use updated geographic and demographic data sets in MapPoint to display trends and illustrate key points on maps.
  • Pocket Streets - Microsoft Pocket Streets makes it easy for you to create custom maps in MapPoint and then export them for use on your Microsoft Windows Mobile™–based Smartphone or Pocket PC.
  • Microsoft Location Finder - New Location Finder uses your computer’s wireless network capability and a database of known Wi-Fi access points to display your location on maps, even if you do not have a GPS device.
  • New Map Style for Low-light Conditions - New Map style for low-light conditions makes it easier to view maps on your laptop computer.
  • Virtual Earth Integration - Link off to MSN Virtual Earth online

Don't confuse MapPoint 2006 with Streets and Trips 2006:

MapPoint 2006 is set to release in Q1 calendar year 2006.

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  1. Charles says:

    Sounds like a lot of new real-time driving features like in Streets & Trips, but not much else! Any serious improvements in the address mapping / regioning creating or Display Control (e.g. improved control of detail levels) & printing? I was hoping there would be more developments that would distinguish it as a professional-level product, rather than bringing it closer to S&T.

  2. Daniel grogan says:

    Can I order Mappoint 60 day trial

  3. MapPoint B2B says:

    I posted some time ago about the cool new features in MapPoint 2006. I also said it was set to be released…

  4. Here is the good news folks, MapPoint 2006 is here! If you are new to this product, MapPoint 2006 product…

  5. The Map Room says:

    MapPoint 2006 is coming soon: Microsoft’s desktop mapping software for businesses is coming to North America this month and Europe in the summer. Via Anything Geospatial. See previous entries: Programming MapPoint in .NET; A Microsoft Roundup. Update:

  6. arjun b says:

    does anyone know what kind of improvements have been made to the data mapping features?  i was really hoping for a richer set of functionality in 06…


    There aren’t any new algorithms. What are you looking for?


  7. skidunk says:

    Does the full version come with the GPS sensor or not?  I cannot seem to pick that up from the ads, including Ebay, etc.


    There are two SKUs for MapPoint 2006 – actually four – actually eight! You can buy MapPoint 2006 with or without the GPS puck; there’s also a Fleet Edition which you can buy with or without a puck for tracking mobile objects such as drivers; the same four offerrings are available for the European Edition.


  8. Braxton Perry says:

    I used Map Point extensively in my political consulting. I love the product! I just wish you could turn geographic features like states off so you can emphasize regoins.

    Someone built that utility but it cut off any feature names that croosed the boundaries.

    They should also get 3d maps and charts and topo informations. They can’t let free Google Earth beat them on that cool factor.

    I would also like to see a wire type. You can connect goegraphic points with a colored wire like a breadboard.

    Lastly you should be able to animate the transition between datasets to a video file. That would be uber cool!

    Thank you

  9. scb says:

    Can MP 2K6 plot more than 8 unique data sets from an import or link from an external file (i.e. I have 10 parent companies with 2 stores each.  I can plot the first 16 in MP 2K4 but need to import a second time (and labeled as another data set) for the remaining 4)?


    No. Unfortunately, we have imposed the limit to 8. You need MapPoint Web Service or Virtual Earth. You can find more info here:


  10. Paul Peavyhouse says:

    Are any of these new features exposed to the outside world via the MapPoint Object Model?
    It would be nice to have an API for GPS, Location Awareness, and Voice Prompts.


    I AGREE! However, there is no API for the GPS or Location Finder (Wifi Detector) built into MP 2006. The GPS is from Pharos so they have an API (which we used). The Wifi data comes from a partner and we don’t have reseller rights. The Voice Prompts are part of the Windows OS, so technically you could get to all of these pieces – just not through the MP Object Model.


  11. MikeB says:

    I have an amount of data (telephone calls) and can summarize the call data by NPA (the format of a telephone number is NPA-NXX-1234). e.g. bay area is mostly 650 / 415 /510. Now if there was a geo outline of the NPAs it would be very useful (or a way to define these and import outlines…. which there didn’t used to be in mappoint).

    ANy ideas?   [I got around this previously by mapping NPAs to states and plotting states, but this looses a lot of resolution].


    A couple ways . . . the boundaries you’re looking for aren’t included, so you’ll need to either:

    1. Draw the custom boundaries using the drawing tool or
    2. If you have the boundaries in an ESRI .shp file (or MapInfo .mif) you can download a Spatial Data Com Add-in from Then you can import your shape files. If you need to edit them, the capabilities are built into the Com Add-in.


  12. Kyle says:

    Where can i get a compatible gps sensor for my MP2K6?
    I did not buy the version with it in the box.  Is there a specific kind/ brand that works best?


    Any NMEA GPS will work just fine. You can get it from the Pharos web site or pick one up at Fry’s.


  13. Bill Jones says:

    Does MP 2006 have the ability to update the map data sets to keep up with mapping and street routing in newly developed housing communities?  Having up to date maps in new developments is critical to my usage and That is why I usually use google maps or yahoo maps.  But those don’t integrate with my CRM database like mappoint does. catch-22 huh?

    This is why I would pay a quarterly fee for updated NAVTEQ data.  NAVTEQ updates their data either monthly or quarterly.  Is MS going to start this now as well for purchasers of this application.  After all it is not cheap to access old data.


    With the Windows Live services you can imagine how software as a service can extend down to all of the client applications we have – including MapPoint. You cannot do this today, but you can imagine that we might support something like this in the future.


  14. Jim Murray says:

    Is it possible to add/import your own locations?





  15. pramodreddy ch says:

    Hi, i have one query on virtual earth. How to import shape file data on virtual earth. please give me suggestions. my mail id is


    Natively – not possible. You have to write your own parser, but it can certainly be done.


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