MWS 4.0 Rollout This Weekend!

The long awaited MWS 4.0 is being rolled out into production this weekend (pending any unforeseen circumstances). The features for the release include the following:

  • Polygon Support

    • Find In Poly - Based on a specific point, which polygon does the point reside in
    • Find Rectangle - Based on a rectangle (such as the map height and width, hint, hint), which polygon does my rectangle intersect with or is encapsulated by
    • Render - Shade your map with your polygonal shapes
    • Conversion Tools - Command line tools for converting .shp, .mif, .dwg, .dng, .gml files to MWS format; or, draw your own with MapPoint 2004/2006

  • Night time map style - For better use of maps at night
  • Line Drive - Like those seen on MSN Maps and Directions
  • Traffic - Plot traffic incendents on a map
  • Expanded street level FindAddress() coverage - Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand
  • New Language Support - Czech, Danish, Norwegian (Bokmål), and Finnish
  • Staging Watermark - Stop using staging for your production applications! 🙂 The watermark will help you know whether you're hitting staging or production.

Official release date is Sept. 11.


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