MapPoint Products – Clarified

The first thing to make clear is that MapPoint is now a part of MSN. MapPoint products include MapPoint Web Service, MapPoint 2004, Streets and Trips 2005, AutoRoute 2005, MSN Maps and Directions and MSN Virtual Earth. I've described each product in detail below:

MapPoint Web Service (MWS) - a service hosted by Microsoft which allows you the ability to make HTTP SOAP XML requests to our servers to obtain maps, driving directions and complex find algorithm results which you can include into your applications. Sign up for a developer account now - it's free!

MapPoint 2004 (MP2K4) - Our desktop product used for data visualization and business analytics. This also includes streets, routes, and everything you'd expect from a desktop mapping product. You can get an eval copy from your Account Manager, just ask.

Streets and Trips 2005 (S&T) - A scaled down version of MapPoint 2004 desktop client and mostly a consumer offering which helps users get to where they need to go. Basically, remove all of the business analytics and you've got S&T.

AutoRoute 2005 - The same product as S&T, however using European street level data with localization for most Western European languages.

MSN Maps and Directions  - Our online consumer offering which allows users to get maps and driving directions via the web. This also contains Brand Finder which is a branded version of MSN Maps and Directions specific to enterprise locations. Check it out @

MSN Virtual Earth (VE) - Our online consumer offering for local search information. Full screen maps, satellite photography with labeled streets, itinerary building. Check it out @

What About Pocket Streets? - It made sense to keep Pocket Streets development in the Mobility division of Microsoft. We will still be powering the Pocket Streets application with our mapping data.

What About MapPoint Location Server? - Well, all rumors point to MLS coming back the MapPoint group. Stay tuned.

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