Win32 Programming – part 4: C++ runtime redistributable

If you develop Win32 application using Visual C++ 2005 you will probably also have to distribute the C++ runtime together with your application.X86 – – –

Win32 Programming – part 3: tools

Here I recap, for those that do not yet have them, what I believe necessary tools and documentation to approach Win32 programming: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (download it localized in your preferred languare and also don’t forget to download service pack 1 from the same page)Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (PSDK)If you are using VC++…


Win32 Programming – part 2: forums and newsgroups

In writing any non-trivial application, help from the community of developers if often fundamental. In my own dev projects I have been using various forums and discussion sites.Following are links to what I think among the very best:Microsoft Discussion Groups (web interface to Microsoft’s public NNTP newsgroups)MSDN ForumsGoogle Groups (web interface to a vast set of NNTP newgroups)CodeGuru ForumsDev…


Win32 Programming – part 1: an introductory tutorial

Something I once enjoyed was developing small Windows applications starting from scratch, that is, coding everything in C or C++ using only the Win32 APIs. I’d like to dedicate a few of my blog’s posts to what it means to write applications this way. For this first post, I’d like to direct you this well known…