O’reilly’s “Designing Distributed Systems” free ebook

Another interesting ebook that describes topics very much related to how you would develop a cloud application is O’reilly’s “Designing Distributed Systems” which you can download for free from https://azure.microsoft.com/resources/designing-distributed-systems/en-us/.

Firefox complaining “Your connection is not secure” when using Fiddler

If Firefox won’t work when Fiddler is running declaring that “Your connection is not secure”, it is because Fiddler is configured to decrypt HTTPS traffic (done in Fiddler by going to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPS) and you are trying to access a website using SSL (HTTPS) and Firefox does not trust the Certificate Authority that…


“Azure for Architects” and “Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook” free ebooks

Following a couple of very interesting ebooks from Packt free for you to download: Azure for Architects https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/azure-for-architects/en-us/ Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook https://azure.microsoft.com/resources/azure-serverless-computing-cookbook/en-us/