Visual Studio 2017 offline installer

Currently there seems to be no offline installer for the newly released Visual Studio 2017 but creating one is as easy as downloading all features and then packaging them into a .iso file yourself using one of the many existing free burning tools such as InfraRecorder.

To download all features and languages into a local folder run the Visual Studio 2017 installer that you can download from here or, if you own a MSDN subscription, from MSDN Subscriber Downloads with a --layout x:\FolderName switch where x:\FolderName is the folder path where you want downloaded files to land.


For further details you can read "Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017".

Comments (13)

  1. Eric says:

    If it’s this easy, why isn’t there an offline installer?

    1. esseemme says:

      If I were to guess why, I would say that this way when installing Visual Studio 2017 you’ll always be able to install the latest version of each feature.

  2. Malisa Ncube says:

    While this seems good, It does not work well for people in regions where internet is much slower and expensive. From my understanding, the offline payload is ~20GB. Can there be a channel that can be used to enable devs in such regions download/pause/resume over a period?

    It should not matter if its Community Edition, Enterprise and validation happens online, right?

    Since the release, our entire .NET community here in Uganda are unable to get the latest.

    1. esseemme says:

      Hi Malisa, I’m not sure I get your point. Microsoft has usually provided iso offline bundles for previous Visual Studio releases and iso files don’t provide any compression benefit. Why would downloading Visual Studio via an iso file be any better?

      1. Kyaw Pyaesoan says:

        Is the download resumable? If the connection is lost, will it re-download all the files? 20GB of files is too much for us to download in one go with unstable mobile data connections that get lost quite a lot and are expensive. If it is not resumable, then the ISOs which could be resumed with download managers are far, far, far, far superior to this.

        1. esseemme says:

          Based on my tests it does resume where it left off.

      2. Hi, because 20GB File size is very huge for some region like Iran and download may continue for many days; download a single ISO file can pause downloading and resume again any time. by your suggested method we don’t have this feature! and we most to leave pc alone for many days to download end!

      3. Ronald Kasagga says:

        iso images are of a predictable size and are “resumable” so it allows someone to plan in advance the size of data package to purchase, and to easily resume the download later if the connection is too slow or cuts a lot (I’m also from Uganda so can relate).

      4. Incognito says:

        Because one can ask someone with a reliable connection to download it for them.

      5. Calvin says:

        because… you can download it once! and distribute

        1. esseemme says:

          Right, but consider that ISO files are not recreated for each update to VS, so with ISO files you’d end up downloading something that is not up-to-date and that would required separately downloading all recent fixes once VS is installed.

      6. Calvin says:

        I want to download it here x and install it there y, i am now unable to do this. I really think they have gone backwards by not supplying an iso I have access to the internet and i find this annoying. They should at least give you a download option.. instead of install only.

        1. esseemme says:

          Calvin I understand your position. I know this might require some additional work but there is a procedure for creating an offline installation bundle here. And, by the way, the download is resumable as long as the directory you specify for the downloaded files is the same.

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