Missing PowerShell about_* helpfiles

If when running Get-Help about_* you see missing helpfiles such as about_Automatic_Variables and all your attempts to update helpfiles by calling Update-Help don’t fix the issue, try calling the following: Install-AboutHelp.ps1

Log for MSOnline Azure AD powershell module

At times when working with the MSOnline Azure AD powershell module it might useful to know that it generates a log and that it is located at x:\Users\MyUsername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office365\Powershell where MyUsername is clearly the account name that you are using to call cmdlets from the MSOnline module.

Understanding Azure for Developers

You are a developer and need to understand better the Azure platform? Start from this short pdf guide (39 pages) and then go on reading the guides available on this page (Get started guide for Azure developers and Get started guide for Azure IT operators) and then go on watching the short videos available here.


Windows SDK archive

Here is a quick link to download present and past Windows SDKs: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/sdk-archive