VMs to try out Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer

You might not know that if you need to test a Microsoft web browser (Edge or Internet Explorer) different from the one you have available on your computer there are ready for you to use virtual machines that you can download from the Microsoft Modern.IE website. VMs are available for the following set of hyperadvisors:

  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant
  • HyperV (Windows)
  • VPC (Windows)
  • VMware (Windows, Mac)
  • Parallels (Mac)

And following is the list of available Microsoft web browsers:

  • IE8 on Win7
  • IE9 on Win7
  • IE10 on Win7
  • IE11 on Win7
  • IE11 on Win81
  • Microsoft Edge on Win 10 Stable (14.14393)

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