"Effective Windows PowerShell" free ebook

Keith Hill has turned a set of blog posts into an interesting 61 pages long PowerShell ebook. Download your own copy here.


Want to integrate Bing Maps or Bing searching into your site?

If you need to integrate Bing’s searching capabilities or Bing Maps into your web site you should take a look at a couple of web application toolkits freely available from this page.


Quick introduction to Microsoft Expression Studio 4

If you are interested in quickly understanding more about Microsoft Expression Studio 4, on this page you will find short videos that introduce you to most of the tools in the Microsoft Expression suite (i.e. Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression SketchFlow, Expresssion Encoder). On the same page you’ll find introductory tutorials to Microsoft SilverLight and…


Want to learn Microsoft SilverLight?

Are you interested in learning to develop using Microsoft SilverLight and aren’t sure where to start from? On this page you’ll find links to short videos that will quickly introduce you to the technology and the tools. Afterwards, to start building stronger skills you can go here where learning materials (mostly videos) to keep you busy for five full days are…


Prototyping and storyboarding with Microsoft SketchFlow

If you are interested in learning about Microsoft SketchFlow, the tool that was first provided as part of Microsoft Expression Blend 3 for rapid, iterative and cost effective design and prototyping of application user interfaces, take a look here. From this page you can download 12 training modules complete with videos, demo code and documentation…


Training, videos, webcasts and virtual labs on Microsoft products, solutions and technologies

I gathered a list of leaning resources on Microsoft products, solutions and technologies and then tought they might be useful to others too. Following are links to free training, videos, webcasts and virtual labs that will hopefully satisfy all of your knowledge needs. If you have links to additional learning resources let me know and I will add…


Migrating from WF 3.0/3.5 to WF 4.0

A full set of documents have been released at the beginning of the year to suggest migration strategies of legacy WF 3.0/3.5 code to the new WF 4.0 platform. You may download them all here. Documents seem to refer to version beta 2 of WF 4.0 and thus a few details might have changed in the final…


Prevent date/time synchronization in a Windows Virtual PC virtual machine

If you need to prevent date and time synchronization between a Virtual PC 2007 virtual machine and its host machine, look at this post for the necessary steps but if you need to achieve the same result with a Windows Virtual PC virtual machine, you can do so by adding the following line to the…


Claims-Based Identity and Access Control

Interested in learning about claim-based identity and how you can leverage it to implement access control in your applications? The Patterns & Practices group in Microsoft has recently released “A guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control”, a guide that, without getting too deep in the technicalities and standards involved by claim-based identity, is a…


Mapping of Microsoft Office 2003 toolbar and menu functions to Microsoft Office 2010

Moving from the Microsoft Office 2003 suite to the latest Microsoft Office 2010? Having a hard time mapping Office 2003 menu and toolbar functionalities to features in the Office 2010 ribbon tabs? Here you can download a zip containing various PDF documents (product guide, features and benefits, getting started guide) for each product in the…