"Jit n Run" free ebook on ASP.NET development

RedGate (the well known software house that makes a few exceptional SQL Server tools) has published a very interesting free ebook of practical recipes to common needs/issues that arise when developing ASP.NET web applications. You can download this 138 pages long ebook from here.

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  1. Rick Martinez says:

    This is one of the best books I have read! It has a lot of very good articles from magazines on the latest technologies and the best techniques I have seen! A couple of my favorite articles are Enhance your Website with ASP.NET AJAX and Using WebServices with ASP.NET. I would definitely recommend the book to my fellow .NET developers.

    The article Enhance your Website with ASP.NET AJAX by Dan Wahlin was my favorite. I want to start using ajax for my web pages. The article was written clrearly for people like me that don’t know AJAX step by step. If Dan becomes famous from writing and recording music I hope he still writes technical articles.

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