Unsplitting a VPC virtual hard disk

As we know files on FAT32 file systems can’t go beyond 4GB in size. This will, for example, cause Virtual PC to split a virtual hard disk in more files when the 4GB size limit is reached. Unfortunately Virtual Server 2005 does not support accessing split virtual disk images. To “unsplit” a splitted VPC virtual hard…


Windows Server 2008 developer stuff

There is a great set of white papers, reference documentation and training samples that has been recently made available for the recently released Windows Server 2008. First of all, you can download a 248 pages long “Windows Server 2008 Reviewers Guide” that provides a great infra and dev view of this new Microsoft platform. Get…


Date and Time .NET classes FAQ

Want to know the recommended way to convert a DateTime to text or to binary? Take a look here. Another interesting article related to the DateTime class is available here.

MSDN screencasts

You problably already know the Microsoft Webcasts which are often 1 hour long (or more) registered training sessions. Recently a few evangelist professionals at Microsoft have started registering also dev screencasts which are short registered lessons that take you step-by-step to discover new functionalities or explore hot new topics, all in just 10-15 minutes. All available screencasts can be viewed online…


"Understanding Programming Languages" free ebook

I just now found this nice free ebook that gathers a vast set of concepts related to programming languages such as the different types of languages that exist (imperative, object oriented, etc.), syntax elements in languages, dev tools and environments, data types, control structures, polymorphism, exceptions, concurrency, etc. It is probably not an overall comprehensive…


XSD.exe: Error generating classes for schema ‘MySchema.xsd’. – The element ‘http://schemas.DomainName.com/types:MyType’ is missing.

If you are getting this kind of error it is probably because the XSD.exe utility is not following imports and/or includes in your XSD. To solve this issue, specify all the required XSD files directly on the command line as follows:xsd.exe /c MySchema.xsd Import01.xsd Import02.xsd Include01.xsd Include02.xsd where Import01.xsd, Import02.xsd, Include01.xsd and Include02.xsd are XSD files referenced…


"TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows" ebook

A downloadable version of the “TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows” online documentation updated to cover the upcoming Windows Server 2008 is available here. It is a 559 pages long PDF ebook.


"Visual Basic v9.0 Language Specification" ebook

For my .NET developements I only use the C# language, but I still wanted to provide the link to download the 357 pages long Word document entitled “The Microsoft Visual Basic Language Specification v9.0”. Get it here.


"Overview of C# 3.0" article

A recent enough article (38 printed pages) on all the new features introduced in version 3.0 of the C# language is available on MSDN.

"C# 3.0 Language Specification" ebook

You can download a 519 pages long Word document providing the full C# 3.0 language specification from here. You can also download a 30 pages long Word document covering only the new features introduced in version 3.0 of the C# language (i.e. implicitly typed, extension methods, lambda expressions, object initializers, anonymous types, implicitly typed arrays,…