Line Of Code Counter tool

Just a few days ago Microsoft has released this nice free tool called “Microsoft Line Of Code Counter” that does just what the name says: it counts lines of code inside source code files. This tool is a Framework .NET 2.0 application that comes already configured to understand the syntax of a set of programming…


Remove the Open button from the File Download dialog box in Internet Explorer

I casually discovered that you can easily avoid to display the Open button shown by the File Download dialog box in Microsoft Internet Explorer by placing the following tag in your web page:<head>  <META name=”DownloadOptions” content=”noopen”></head>It works only with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and later.


Code Protection SDK for .NET from Microsoft

Disassemblers and decompilers are sometimes essential tools in a developer’s toolbox but it is true that they also expose code to be easily reversed and even patched. A few days ago Microsoft has released version 2.0 of the Software Licensing and Protection Services SDK that can be a great platform on which to develop your licensing system and a…


Visual Studio 2005 C# Code Snippets

There is a very nice and vast set of C# code snippets that you can download to integrate those already installed with Visual Studio 2005. You can read about the code snippet categories here and you can download the install package here.


Windows search not searching inside some file types?

The other day I was searching for a specific configuration section I had made time before inside the web.config file of a Visual Studio project but I just could not remember what project it was. I ran a Windows search on the entire file system partition for a specific keyword I knew was part of that…


Win32 Programming – part 4: C++ runtime redistributable

If you develop Win32 application using Visual C++ 2005 you will probably also have to distribute the C++ runtime together with your application.X86 – – –

Regular expression tools

There is a nice set of tools that may be of great help for anyone working with regular expression on the .NET platform.Following is a list of some of these free tools:RegexDesigner.NET (full C# source code available for download)Rad Software Regular Expression DesignerExpresso 3.0 (the source code for an older version of Expresso can be freely downloaded…


Win32 Programming – part 3: tools

Here I recap, for those that do not yet have them, what I believe necessary tools and documentation to approach Win32 programming: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (download it localized in your preferred languare and also don’t forget to download service pack 1 from the same page)Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (PSDK)If you are using VC++…


Win32 Programming – part 2: forums and newsgroups

In writing any non-trivial application, help from the community of developers if often fundamental. In my own dev projects I have been using various forums and discussion sites.Following are links to what I think among the very best:Microsoft Discussion Groups (web interface to Microsoft’s public NNTP newsgroups)MSDN ForumsGoogle Groups (web interface to a vast set of NNTP newgroups)CodeGuru ForumsDev…