Download your copy of “Cloud Application Architecture Guide” ebook

Download the 300-page cloud architecture e-book to explore these best practices, and get access to design review checklists, reference architectures, and more:  


O’reilly’s “Designing Distributed Systems” free ebook

Another interesting ebook that describes topics very much related to how you would develop a cloud application is O’reilly’s “Designing Distributed Systems” which you can download for free from


Firefox complaining “Your connection is not secure” when using Fiddler

If Firefox won’t work when Fiddler is running declaring that “Your connection is not secure”, it is because Fiddler is configured to decrypt HTTPS traffic (done in Fiddler by going to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPS) and you are trying to access a website using SSL (HTTPS) and Firefox does not trust the Certificate Authority that…


“Azure for Architects” and “Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook” free ebooks

Following a couple of very interesting ebooks from Packt free for you to download: Azure for Architects Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook    


Default login domain for the ADFS 3.0 change password page

You might have seen that it is possible to customize the ADFS form-based authentication page to programmatically add the domain name when the user provides a sam-account name without the domain. To achieve the same result on the ADFS 3.0 change password page I put together the following JavaScript code that will need to be added to…


Outlook’s To, Cc, and Bcc autocomplete functionality

Something that annoys me a lot is that once a wrong or mistyped recipient email address is provided to Outlook, Outlook will keep suggesting it to you ever after. The autocomplete information is saved by Outlook in a file that resides in your local user profile and precisely in c:\Users\<MyUsername>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache. You can empty the autocomplete cache by going in Outlook…


The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

I recently ran into this problem with my Windows 10 company laptop and instead of doing as Microsoft suggests in this KB, removing my computer from the domain and then joining again the same domain, I reset my computer’s password using the Reset-ComputerMachinePassword powershell cmdlet. I ran the cmdlet using an admin powershell console providing the LOGONSERVER environment variable…


Windows 10 Store app error 0x8000FFFF

Today starting the Windows 10 Store app I discovered that it was failing with a 0x8000FFFF error displayed. What I did to fix this failure was to go to the Windows 10 Settings app, select “Update & security”, then select “Troubleshoot” and on the right pane scroll down to “Windows Store Apps” and finally click…


Visual Studio 2017 offline installer

Currently there seems to be no offline installer for the newly released Visual Studio 2017 but creating one is as easy as downloading all features and then packaging them into a .iso file yourself using one of the many existing free burning tools such as InfraRecorder. To download all features and languages into a local…