Channel9 Video on Background GC

A couple of weeks back my PM and I did a channel9 video on Background GC. Take a look:

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  1. Oleg Sakharov says:

    Maoni, hi.

    Nice interview! You are doing very interesting work. Please, write more about it in future in your blog.


  2. nativecpp says:

    Just curious. what are the challenges for Server GC ?

  3. don says:

    hi maoni, great blog you’ve got here

    i wondered whether you could write a little about the issue described here: (thread suspension and safepoints)

    perhaps you’ve got any best-practices or maybe tips on how to avoid such situations? is there some method i could call to explicitly inform the GC that i’m inside a safepoint? (let’s say i’m not counting on the jit to insert such call for me..)


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