Linked Notes Taking in OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 will come out this year as new core application in Microsoft Office suite. My team contributes Linked Notes feature individually, which helps people to create 2-way links between notes and original document/web page.

Introduction to OneNote 2010: 

Introduction to Linked Notes in OneNote:

As people requested, I had done the FireFox support for Linked Notes(non-official bits from Microsoft) as a FF addon last year. The Google Chrome browser may be the next target application. Due to the Adobe license limitation, the Acrobat Reader plugin to support Linked Notes goes to death.

The FF addon bits will come out soon here.

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  1. MK says:

    I am very interested in a Google Chrome addin for Linked Notes or send to OneNote as well.

    What is the actual status of our application?

    Best regards


  2. maochen says:

    I just uploaded the bits here.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Since the addin need to be registered, I made  it with MSI.

  3. JohnGuin says:

    Excellent!  I’m linking to this now!

  4. Rob Boek says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m very interested in getting linked notes for Chrome.

  5. Vishal Doshi says:

    Hey Mao,

    Thank you for making this available. It is really useful.

    Any plans to release the source-code for protocolhandler.exe? Would like to understand how it works since there is not much documentation for Onenote 2k10 addins etc at the moment?

  6. Georg says:


    Thanks! Great job!!

    One thing, could you to the check of FF a little bit less restrictive. I am using the palemoon version of FF and the installer tells me, the version of FF is not high enough although it is 3.63 or do I need 3.7?

    Anyway, I hope you get some support from MS as OneNote is kind of a tank without munition if you cannot use the feature with other software.

  7. tomhogers says:

    Hi maochen,

    I have exactly the same problem as Georg.

  8. maochen says:

    Thanks for your testing.

    I will check the WIX script. And some users found one issue on running the extension on XP and Vista. The root cause is "using dynamic ATL linking". I will fix it will "Static ATL Linking".

    The release will go here 2 days later.

  9. maochen says:

    please download the latest one. And you can get chrome support in another post.

    BTW: not tested in Winxp, but win7 and Vista works.

  10. tomhogers says:

    Hi maochen,

    Now the installer tells me to "install FireFox". I have FireFox  3.6 installed on a different drive via "Portable FireFox". Could you have the installer ask for FireFox directory?



  11. maochen says:

    Hi Tom,

    This is by-design for installer. Linked Notes has dependency on application installation path. The information will be check/read while installing, then write it to registry.

    Please install firefox from:

  12. Evans Thompson says:

    This is really exciting.  I’m thrilled to have Firefox and Chrome support.

    It’s too bad about the Adobe Acrobat linked notes.  Would it be possible to use another PDF viewer (Foxit Reader, Sumatra, or PDF X-Change)?

  13. tomhogers says:

    Linked Notes add-on installed to my copy of Portable FireFox 3.6 on portable drive.

    I installed a new copy of Firefox 3.6 to my C drive.

    Opened the portable version.

    Ran Linked Notes installation.

    FireFox Add-on installation asked if I wanted to install Add-on.

    Add-on installed to Portable FireFox.

    Working perfectly.

    Many thanks maochen.


  14. maochen says:

    For Acrobat, you may try to build it from source code. It works on Acrobat professional.

    Foxit product support mail me that they have no extension support. But building a new viewer through SDK is working. I can not buy the liecense for Foxit SDK by myself. Someone may try this way. 🙂

  15. mitja says:

    I can't get your sweet add-on to work. When i click on Linked Notes, Firefox freezes for about 15 seconds returning the message: "Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [IWin32COM.StartTakingLinkedNotes]"

    I'm using OneNote beta 2010 (beside OneNote 2007) and Firefox 3.6.3 on Win 7 64bit.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  16. maochen says:

    Hello Mitja,

    The problem maybe the side-by-side installation. Can you try the following steps?

    1. boot firefox, navigate to any web site.

    2. boot onenote 2010,  dock it with "ctrl +alt+D"

    3. typing the text in docked onenote window.

    to fix it. you'd better to change your registry, by save the follow lines as  app.reg file in notepad, then double click to import it. be sure the path to OneNote.exe is right before you do it.


    #Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp PathsOneNote.exe]


    "Path"="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\"



  17. mitja says:

    I think, the problem is caused by their click-to-run technology. I couldn't find any OneNote.exe beside the 2007 version. The shows the following path and i don't know how to adjust your app.reg:

    "C:Program Files (x86)Common Filesmicrosoft sharedVirtualization HandlerCVH.EXE" "Microsoft OneNote 2010 (Beta) 2014006204070000"

    I guess, i have to wait until they release the final on their MSDNAA Programm. Thanks for your help.

  18. maochen says:

    Ya, for Click-To-Run, OneNote and firefox are running in different environment. Firefox can not find OneNote registry.

  19. mitja says:

    Yep, works fine with the Final. Thank you so much!

  20. aaron says:

    Hi Mao,

    This addon sounds amazing, but I'm having trouble getting it to work.  I have Win 7 32-bit with office 2010 beta and Firefox 3.6.4.  When the onenote window is docked and running next to firefox, no linking occurs.  I've tried it with a word document and an IE website and both of those worked fine.  No freezing or anything crazy like that happens, but it just doesn't link to the webpage.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much for a great idea!

  21. maochen says:

    Hi aaron, I run a quick test. It works with 3.6.6 after uninstall/install the Firefox LNT addin. But for the local html files, does not work. I will fix it soon.

    Did you reboot OneNote after installing this addin?

  22. aaron says:

    hi Mao, yep, i uninstalled the firefox addin, closed both firefox and onenote, reinstalled the addin then opened them both again… unfortunately it still didn't work.  could it be because i'm using the beta version of MS office 2010?  sorry if that's a dumb question and thanks for the help!

  23. mitja says:

    Hi aaron:

    The OneNote 2010 beta uses the Click-To-Run Technology.  Maochen wrote: "Ya, for Click-To-Run, OneNote and firefox are running in different environment. Firefox can not find OneNote registry."

  24. stevev says:

    Any chance to get an alternate PDF viewer?  Really need to link to PDF's as most academic literature is published that way.

  25. Alceste says:

    The ability to link to PDF would be wonderful. There is a program that does link, but is quite different from OneNote. It is called AtlasTi

  26. maochen says:

    The most popular PDF , Acrobat reader need submit some form and pay fee to build a plugin.

    I have some code on that, but can not move to the next step.

  27. Hector says:

    What about using Foxit for the PDF plugin? Maybe Sumatra? People can still keep adobe reader, but use alternatives to link in OneNote.

  28. maochen says:

    Foxit provide reader API to development( still need to pay).

    "Foxit reader do not support the plugin" in their support response mail.

  29. dochockin says:

    I can't get this to work either.  Using Windows XP and up to date firefox (3.6.11).  I've shut down both firefox and onenote 2010, installed the add-on with the installer and restarted both programs… no dice.  The add-on/plugin doesn't show up in either of my relevant lists of installed plugins.  So, does this mean it isn't even being installed?

  30. Jack Weberg says:

    This add-in either does not work, or the instructions are inadequate.

    I tried to provide a link for where One Note was located, but this add-in  refused to recognize it and continued to ask  where it was. I determined it's correct location and tried again and got the same result. So I can only conclude that this add-on does not function correctly.

    Gary "Jack" Weberg

    Operations Manager

    List Moderator

    Dog Whisperer Fans Group

  31. mitja says:

    You can use Linked Notes with PDFs , if you open the PDF in Firefox.

  32. Arun says:

    This does not seem to work with Firefox 4. I get 3 or 4 Javascript exceptions upon starting Firefox: "Could not get FF32", Something about C++ and one other error.

    Running Win 7 64-bit, Firefox 4, with OneNote 2010 32-bit.

  33. Ben says:

    Any chance this addon will be updata for FireFox 4.0.1 ?


  34. Joltan says:

    Hi! we need the update for firefox 4.0 please!

  35. AB says:

    Any hope for a Firefox 5 update? Or should we just desist?

  36. src says:

    Could we please get a Firefox 4+ Update?

  37. GD says:

    Problem with Firefox 6 / OneNote 2010 /Windows 7

    Comes up with "Install Firefox" Message

  38. Elanor says:

    Please update for Firefox 4 and up! Like Arun, I get several javascript errors when I start up firefox, one about C++.

    I love OneNote and Firefox and this has been really essential for me – update, please and thank you! 🙂

  39. Cookie says:

    How can I use this add-on? I opened OneNote and docked it, then starting browsing and type in OneNote but nth happens :/ It's not linking!

  40. jlanza says:

    Did you have an update version for OneNote 2013 and latest Firefox versions?

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