Contenttypebinding, ListUrl and Multi-Lingual Sites

SCENARIO : You have created a custom site definitions and features to create Custom Site columns, Custom Content types, Binding the custom content type with the “Pages” list, Provisioning of Master Pages and Page Layouts etc. When you create a top level site collection based on your custom site definition then you encounter “File not…


Creating a Global Calendar Webpart using SPCalendarView

In order to make such a custom Calendar Webpart that will display events from all Calendars on the site, Recurring and non-Recurring Events need to be treated differently. We need to expand the Recurring series using <DaterangesOverLap> in SPQuery.Query. Also , need to initialise SPCalendarItem’s ItemId property with either “Edit Menu Table End” or “Select”…


Must have cube sheets for SharePoint Developers

Very useful  when “12” hive is not readily accessible for a quick search or even otherwise good to keep it handy : – List of WSS\MOSS 2007 Feature Definitions – List of ListTemplateIds – List of OOTB Fields – types,names,InternalNames – List of WebTemplateIDs All in below :


ItemAdded Event on Document Library & the file.. has been modified by.. on.. error.

I am sure most of us would have faced this issue when an ItemAdded eventreciever is attached to a Document Library, and in that we try to update a few non-default fields (say custom columns added on the Library) that are meant to be displayed on EditForm.aspx in updated state. An example would be to…


Where do Custom Channel Properties go while migrating a MCMS site to MOSS?

Where do Custom Channel Properties go while migrating MCMS site to MOSS 2007? I am not sure if it’s a widely known fact among those who know about MCMS to MOSS migration more than I do. But still, for self-appeasement I will post what I found I created two properties (one Text and another Selection) in…


How to Hide Default Content Type from "New" menu

Once I received this question from one of my customer’s who probably hadn’t dabbled much with SharePoint OM : “I’ve created my own document library definition in which I removed the default Document content type, and added my own document content type, called MyDocument. After I activated my feature, the document library works fine and…


WSS 3.0 Web Services : Some issues and Workarounds Part 1

Here, I write about few interesting scenarios, findings and workarounds while using SharePoint v3 webservices over the last couple of months. UpdateListItems and ContentTypes : Its about an Issue when using UpdateListItems to create a new Item in a Document Library having more than one content type. Scenario: We use the “UpdateListItems” method from the…


Content By Query WebPart and the &quot;a&quot; Mystery

It’s about One of my favourites : Content By Query Webpart Quite some time back I faced an interesting issue where a ContentByQuery WebPart (CQWP) will show “a”s appended to the output – the output being “PublishingContent” of Pages based on a particular “Page Layout Content Type”.  It later turned out due to “Reusable Content”…


SharePoint Diaries : My First Post

Having been working, pursuing, supporting and customizing SharePoint for some time now and with quite a few interesting finds in my kitty, I have been contemplating this but eventually deferred on the decision to start my own blog. Probably the zest to learn more ,if I may admit, in someway may have overshadowed the interest to…