New THROW statement in SQL Server 2012 (vs RAISERROR)

The new THROW keyword introduced in SQL server 2012 is an improvement over the existing RAISERROR() statement. Yes, it’s single ‘E’ in RAISERROR. Both RAISERROR & THROW can be used in T-SQL code/script to raise and throw error within a TRY-CATCH block. Check my previous post for TRY-CATCH block, [link]. >> With RAISERROR developers had to…


Use new TRY_PARSE() instead of ISNUMERIC() | SQL Server 2012

I was working on a legacy T-SQL script written initially on SQL Server 2005 and I was facing an unexpected behavior. The code was giving me unexpected records, I tried to dig into it and found that ISNUMERIC() function applied to a column was giving me extra records with value like “,” (comma) & “.” (period)….