Access Denied exception while registering a remoting IpcServerChannel

I have heard from quite a few folks running into an issue where the IpcServerChannel would throw trying to initialize after a restart. IpcServerChannel by default creates pipes in exclusive mode (no other process can listen on the same pipe name). There is a known issue with pipes — that if there is a client side handle open to a now…

Sponsoring the client

In most cases it is not quite obvious, but in scenarios where a client receives callbacks, or subscribes to events on the server, you need to make sure that the lease on the client object doesnt expire — registering a sponsor for the client object is one solution. The issue gets hard to diagnose for…


Microsoft Operations Manager Team is Hiring

The Microsoft Operations Manager team has a number of development openings.If you are interested in working on cutting edge technology in enterprise monitoring and management space, this is your chance. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM 2005) is already revolutionizing the event and performance management market, come work on the next version which will even simplify managing the enterprise….