rejectRemoteRequests config switch on remoting channels

You can add rejectRemoteRequests="true" on the server side tcp or http channels. With this set remoting will only allow connections from the loopback address and thus will reject cross machine calls. This is equivalent to setting bindTo="" or machineName="localhost".

In v2.0 IPC channel would probably be a better choice for local machine x-process scenarios.

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Moth says:

    We have a binary tcp remoting scenario where we use rejectRemoteRequests="true" so my conclusion was with v2.0 to definitely upgrade it to IPC. I am interested in why you write "probably" for what in my eyes is a clear cut scenario?

  2. ManishG says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Good catch ;). Yeah, IPC should have full compatibility with apps which are same machine only. I cant really think of any scenarios which would work differently after moving from TCP to IPC (unless any TCP url is hardcoded in code, then you might need to recompile). But if I do run into something I will certainly blog about it.


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