Announcing Applications Insights in Visual Studio Online

With the availability of Application Insight Limited Preview GSM Availability functionality is now available in VS Online. GSM was already available within SCOM and Azure to a certain extent. However the availability functionality is greatly improved in AI and here are some screenshots of what is possible:   1. Simple authoring experience. You can create…


Endpoint Availability Monitoring in Azure

Azure has just enabled a preview feature to monitoring your service availability. This functionality is enabled for Hosted Services, Virtual Machines, Reserved Websites and Mobile Services. Currently you can configure two endpoints to be monitored from up to three global locations. You can configure endpoints from the dashboard or the configuration page Once you go…


Global Service Monitor is now available with System Center 2012 SP1

We are glad to announce the release of Global Service Monitor which enables key DevOps scenarios along with Visual Studio. Since the Beta release we have added additional capabilities of being able to download the Webtest result locally and also to visualize them in our new dashboard:   If you have SCOM 2012 SP1 you can…


DevOps with Visual Studio and System Center 2012 SP1 Beta

Like discussed in my previous post with the release of System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Beta, there is ability to run Visual Studio authored Web Performance Tests from 16 different locations across the globe. The integration is both ways where not only can VS authored tests be used in GSM but failure alerts can be forwarded…


Global Service Monitor Beta Release now supports MultiStep/Authenticated transactions

System Center Global Service Monitor Beta With the release of System Center 2012 SP1 Beta, Global Service Monitor now supports new functionality of being able to run Visual Studio authored Web Performance Tests. This capability adds support for most requested features customers have asked for since we shipped GSM Customer Preview: 1.       Ability to do…


Access Denied exception while registering a remoting IpcServerChannel

I have heard from quite a few folks running into an issue where the IpcServerChannel would throw trying to initialize after a restart. IpcServerChannel by default creates pipes in exclusive mode (no other process can listen on the same pipe name). There is a known issue with pipes — that if there is a client side handle open to a now…


Sponsoring the client

In most cases it is not quite obvious, but in scenarios where a client receives callbacks, or subscribes to events on the server, you need to make sure that the lease on the client object doesnt expire — registering a sponsor for the client object is one solution. The issue gets hard to diagnose for…


Microsoft Operations Manager Team is Hiring

The Microsoft Operations Manager team has a number of development openings.If you are interested in working on cutting edge technology in enterprise monitoring and management space, this is your chance. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM 2005) is already revolutionizing the event and performance management market, come work on the next version which will even simplify managing the enterprise….


What’s new in remoting 2.0

Now that .net Framework 2.0 is released — a list of new features in remoting is in order. Following is a list of new features added to remoting: 1. IPCChannel: A new channel based on named pipes form x-process (same machine) communication. Its more secure and performant than the previous best performer the tcp /…