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Excited about SQL Server 2008 ! so I am.

"Your Data, Any Place, Any Time"

It is highly exciting to know about the features in SQL Server 2008. The mission of SQL Server 2008 is to provide your data on your demand at your place, isn't it exciting. You can check your last day's sales data sipping a coffee on the couch or getting the current inventory data when you are in a meeting with your customer. Life becomes so easy !

Your Business does very well in the high competitive world because of a great sales team and the Business Intelligence you have in place. With SQL Server 2008 you can make BI move a step ahead, making the BI - Good to Great. To read more about BI in SQL Server 2008 - Download the Article.

A well built Data Warehouse is the most important factor for great Business Intelligence. It takes tremendous efforts to use the data efficiently to produce the useful information. SQL Server 2008 equips you with the right tools to build and manage Data Warehouse efficiently. The details could be found in the technical article so to know more Download.

To know more visit the SQL Server 2008 section on Microsoft Website. Don't miss the LiveMeeting Series.

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