Dynamic Data Binding – SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

In reference to my earlier post regarding - How to dynamically add the images to the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services – Reports, I received a few queries so I decided to write a small code sample myself just in order to demonstrate how we can dynamically bind the images to the reports like the company logo etc. This is just a sample code and not a production ready code.

Other than demonstrating on how to add images dynamically, this C# code sample also demonstrates a few other features and it uses the AdventureWorks database of the SQL Server 2005. Before executing the code please change the SQL Server 2005 Instance name in the C# Code. The sample images and the sample report could be found in the \BIN folder of the C# code sample. This code sample demonstrates how to dynamically bind the ADO.Net datasets to the reports running on the server or on the local box and how we can pass the parameters dynamically to the reports from the application itself. The sample code can dynamically change the images on the reports whenever the user changes selection in the Combo Box on the Windows Form.

Happy Reporting !



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