How to configure your Drupal 8 ARM template deployment to Azure creating new MySQL Servers (Master and Slave with replication)

This post discusses the parameter configurations needed when setting up a multi node Drupal deployment using the Drupal 8 VM scaleset (with GlusterFS and new MySQL servers) ARM Template.

To create MySql Master and Slave pair this template uses the mysql-replication ARM template as a nested template.

Managing the created MySql Servers : The file of the mysql-replication template has instructions to do various things including connecting to the servers, failing over to the slave, backing up the database to azure blob storage etc.

Parameter values to be configured (sample values have been shown) :

  • drupalVmSku: "Standard_D1_v2" (Size of the Drupal VMs)
  • drupalUbuntuOSVersion: "14.04.4-LTS" (OS Version for the Drupal VMs)
  • drupalAdminUser: "drupalAdmin" (Drupal Site Administrator)
  • drupalAdminPassword: "drupalAdmin-123" (Password for Drupal Administrator)
  • drupalVersion: "8.1.1" (The Drupal Version)
  • vmssName: "dru25vmss" (Name of the VM Scaleset)
  • instanceCount: "2" (Default and minimum number of Drupal VMs in the VM scaleset)
  • maximumInstanceCount: "10" (Maximum Number of Drupal VMs in the scale set)
  • adminUsername: "drupvmuser" (The ssh username for the drupal and gluster vms)
  • adminPassword: "DrupVm-pass1234" (The ssh password for drupal and gluster vms)
  • drupalInstallationDatabaseName: "drupaldb" (the drupal database name using which the drupal site will be installed)
  • createNewMySQLServer: "yes" (No is default, details of existing SQL Server need to be provided)
  • existingMySqlFQDN: "anything" (FQDN of existing MySQL server). This can be set to any value. Will be ignored when creating new mysql server .
  • existingMysqlUser: "anything". When using the Mysql-Replication template the user name created will be "admin"
  • mysqlUserPassword: "Mysql-Pass1234" (The mysql admin users password will be set to this)
  • glusterTemplateLocation: "" (Base location of ARM template used to create the Gluster cluster)
  • templateLocation: "" (Base location of the the Drupal ARM template and scripts)
  • storageAccountNamePrefix: "dru25stacc" (prefix for the VM storage accounts, which need to be unique)
  • glusterVmSize: "Standard_D1_v2" (Size of the gluster VMs)
  • glusterInstanceCount: "2" (Number of nodes in the gluster cluster)
  • newMySqlDnsName: "mysqlserverdnsname" (The FQDN of the MySQL server will be
  • newMySqlVmUserName: "mysqlVmUser" (user name used for ssh)
  • newMySqlVmPassword: "MySQLVM-Pass1234" (password used for ssh)
  • newMySqlVmSize: "Standard_D1_v2"
  • dbCentosOSVersion: "6.6"
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