Integration Boot Camp 2017: September 21 – September 22, 2017

It's that time again. Yep - time for the 2017 Integration Boot Camp (formerly known as the BizTalk Boot Camp). As always, it's free, and open to anyone and everyone. With the new features and easier interaction with Azure Services, we have so many new and different things to show. The key technologies in this boot camp are BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 1, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and much more.


  • In-person event; Skype is not offered
  • Laptop: Many discussions include hands-on activities
  • Azure subscription: Azure virtual machines, Logic Apps, and other Azure services require an Azure subscription
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required; which is available to sign upon arrival. Many companies already have a NDA with Microsoft. When you register, we’ll confirm if one already exists.
  • Specific requirements will be emailed to all attendees the week of September 11-15, 2017.


Microsoft Corporation
8050 Microsoft Way
Charlotte, NC 28273

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Note: This year's boot camp is in a different building than previous boot camps.

When you arrive, check-in is required. If you are driving to the event, car registration is also required (download and complete Vehicle and Customer Registration).

Event Time: 8 AM - 4:30 PM EST; The discussions and labs go the entire day, on both days.


We've had a couple of last minute cancellations. Register at

Attendance is limited. The event is targeted towards a technical audience, including administrators and developers. Registration includes:

  • Attendance both days
  • Breakfast and lunch both days
  • Access to the online Microsoft company store


Mandi Ohlinger, Microsoft
Welcome & What's coming
Discussion & hands-on lab: BizTalk Server 2016, and using some of the new features in Feature Pack 1.

Jeff Hollan, Microsoft
Discussion & hands-on lab: Introduction to serverless and Azure Event Grid. Build a serverless app end-to-end using Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Event Grid.

Stephen Thomas, Azure MVP
Discussion & hands-on lab: Use Logic Apps, and Cognitive Services to monitor for company sentiment.

Ashish Bhambani, Microsoft & Gautam Gyanendra, Synegrate
Discussion & hands-on lab: B2B message handling using the Enterprise Integration Account. Create an end-to-end B2B supply chain scenario.

Sidney Andrews, Azure MVP
Discussion & hands-on lab: Logic App automation/deployment with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Nicholas Hauenstein, Azure MVP
Discussion & hands-on lab: Real-world look at enabling Logic Apps connectivity to external services + things. Create a real-world custom connector.

Jeff Hollan & Kevin Lam, Microsoft
Discussion & hands-on lab: Advanced patterns with Azure Logic Apps, including parallel execution and exception handling.


See Hotels_2017 (downloadable word doc) for some recommendations.


Ask in this post or contact me: mandi dot ohlinger at microsoft dot com.

Integrate 2017 - Redmond

After the Integration Boot Camp, your Microsoft team will be at Integrate 2017 - Redmond.

Many thanks,
Mandi Ohlinger

Comments (4)

  1. It will be nice to bring this evening to Microsoft Netherlands too. This topic is much in demand, is needed, but a local venue will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Pinaki –

      Some of the Azure MVPs and other community members started the Global Integration Bootcamp ( as a result of the MSFT bootcamp. It’s possible they may have one in the Netherlands in 2018. Be sure to check their site. It’s is 100% a community-driven event, but I think those that attended this year (March, 2017) enjoyed it. Just something to consider.

      Or, you can come to Charlotte :).

  2. Bhanu Poorna Kumar Solleti says:

    Hi, I see the Charlotte boot camp is full but would like to get registered for wait list if you have any. Appreciate your help.


    1. Hi –

      Please contact me directly at Mandi dot Ohlinger at Microsoft dot com.


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