Visual Studio 2012: "The event log file is full" error message

I installed Visual Studio 2012 Professional. The installation did not complete successfully so I ran a Repair. During the Repair, the following error occurred:

The event log file is full


Thanks to a StackOverflow post, (which I'm not finding today), the following steps resolved the issue:

1. In Control Panel, uninstall Visual Studio 2012.

2. Delete all the files in %ProgramData%\Package Cache. To open this folder, open the Run window, and type: %ProgramData%\Package Cache. On Windows 8, the ProgramData folder is hidden.

3. Forcibly remove Visual Studio 2012:

a) Open the command window as Administrator.

b) Type:"drive:\\InstallPath\vs_professional.exe" /uninstall /force

c) Hit Enter.


4. Ran the Visual Studio setup again. Success.


This article lists the /force option:

How to uninstall Visual Studio 2012



Comments (9)

  1. Eric says:

    Rebuilding my machine after a hard drive failure and came across this problem this morning. Thanks for posting a solution 🙂

    In my case, the original installation didn't complete because I actually had to stop it. I was surprised when I stopped it, it said that 15 components had been installed. I was expecting a rollback.

    Thanks again!

  2. Phil says:

    This work perfectly, now it has fixed other issues I had creating new ASP.NET MVC 4/5 projects

  3. Wilf says:

    Thanks a lot. Your recipe helped me with severe problems where VS omitted parts of the installation.

  4. ritesh says:

    thanks for the valuable solved my frustration..

  5. Marcel says:

    Thanks for the fix, exact same problem!

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for this, your steps fixed a problem I've been having for some time!

  7. Sinead says:

    Hi Mandi. This worked for me too. The issue I was getting SSIS issues – Element <GUID here> does not exist in collection "Executables" intermittently on packages that had not changed. This seems to have solved it, thank you.

  8. Charles says:

    This fixed my VS2012 issue but it royally messed up my VS2015 install.  Fortunately I didn't delete the data in package cache, I just moved it somewhere else.  Once I moved it back my VS2015 install is good again.

    1. Charles – Thank you for the input. So, you moved the files from PackageCache. Did the rest of the steps work for Visual Studio 2015?

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