BizTalk Services is LIVE!

Windows Azure BizTalk Services (aka BizTalk Services, aka WABS) is now available as a Preview on Windows Azure. I've had the opportunity to work with WABS since the beginning. I'm in awe of how much WABS has improved. For example:

  • The BizTalk Services portal has a much better flow for adding partners and creating EDI agreements.
  • Retrieving tracked data in the BizTalk Services portal is much easier.
  • In the Visual Studio project (specifically BizTalk Services project), creating a Connection in the Bridge design area is easier.
  • Scope of the Loop map operations in a Transform has a much better UI experience.
  • TAP customer feedback directly added to the product, including Refreshing the BizTalk Service instead of doing a full deployment and adding XSLT.


Here are some resources to get you started:

Introducing Windows Azure BizTalk Services Preview –Part 1

Windows Azure BizTalk Services Preview (Part 2) –BizTalk Adapter Services SAP Integration

Administration and Development Process Flow

BizTalk Services Pricing

BizTalk Services: Developer, Basic, Standard and Premium Editions Chart

Windows Azure BizTalk Services - June 2013 Preview ( documentation)

Windows Azure BizTalk Services  ( documentation)

Code Samples




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