Service Bus EAI: EDI Project (Transform) vs. EAI Project

I have a Transform with EDI schemas. I debated if I should create a separate EDI Project for my Transform/Schemas or create the Transform within the EAI project. This list summarizes the key differences between the two project types:

EDI Project (Transform)

EAI Project

  • No Deploy.
  • Transform and Schema files are saved on-premise and stored on-premise.
  • Transform and Schema files are uploaded in the TPM Portal when creating an Agreement.

If the goal is to only use a Transform and its Schemas for EDI Agreements, then create an EDI Project.

  • Deploy to the namespace.
  • All artifacts within the EAI project are deployed to the namespace.
  • Once deployed, the Transform and Schemas are available to be used in any agreement.
  • Bridge is required.

If the goal is to use the Bridge features, like an XML One-Way Bridge to send an EDI message to SQL Server, then create a Transform within an EAI Project.

Managing Agreements ( steps through adding Transforms and Schemas when deployed and when uploaded in the TPM Portal.



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