Polygonal Tessellation

Now that I’ve got the hang of quickly drawing lots of shapes with shader instancing, what should I draw? All that geometric repetition got me thinking about the artwork of M. C. Escher, which led me to this page about regular and semi-regular tessellation. The diagrams near the bottom looked nice, so I started playing…


Debugging with PIX for Windows

I haven’t written anything about PIX in a while. But here’s a great article written by Brian Richardson at GarageGames about using PIX to track down a rendering issue. Nice job, Brian! You can find the latest version of PIX in the March 2008 DirectX SDK.  -Mike

It’s full of stars: XNA 2-D Shader Instancing

A lot of my XNA-based programs draw many instances of the same mesh (such as RoundLines), with each instance having different position, rotation, etc. I had been submitting these meshes to Direct3D one instance at a time, which is not great for performance. Instanced drawing is a good way to get many copies of simple…