Introducing my PIX / XNA / Game Programming / etc. blog…

Hey there.  I've created this blog so I can post some (hopefully interesting) code and commentary about some topics related to game programming.  I work on the Windows version of the PIX Direct3D analysis tool that is part of the DirectX SDK.  In my spare time I've been playing with XNA Game Studio Express and I'm very excited about this great new way to write and share games.

I want to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio on this blog, so I may not be posting very frequently, but I'll do my best to make each post useful and interesting.  I'm going to disable blog comments for now, but I do value your input -- please just use email instead of comments.  There should be a "Send Email" linky thingy on this page.  I will treat these mails as "letters to the editor" and possibly reproduce them in future blog entries (omitting your email address of course), unless you specify that you want them kept private.

Stay tuned for my first "real" post later today.


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