Connection Loss Errors in SSMS Query Editor

Connection Loss Errors in SSMS query editor Under various situations, connection loss errors in Query editor can cause SQL Server to drop the connection with the Client. Details regarding connection drop errors when working with on-premise server instances and SQL Azure instances are described here and here respectively. Until recently, the idle connection time-out period…


Recovery Advisor: Using SSMS to create/restore split backups

This is part 2 of a two part blog series that my colleague Vatsalya Agrawal wrote up on the new tool called Recovery Advisor. Recovery Advisor is a new tool, that we have introduced to make restoring databases easier for users. — MS SQL Server has capability to split a backup file into multiple files….


Recovery Advisor: An Introduction

Vatsalya Agrawal is a colleague of mine, in the test team at SQL Server Manageability. This is part 1 of a two part series that he has written, on Recovery Advisor. This is a new tool, that we have introduced to make restoring databases easier for users. Read part 1 here. — Backup Restore is…


Deleting Old server names from "Connect to Server" dialog in SSMS

In an earlier Denali CTP, we had introduced a mechanism for customers to delete the un-used/not required server names from the drop down in connection box in SSMS. There has been a big customer ask for helping them remove the redundant server names from the MRU list. Here is a blog post from Devesh Nagpal,…


Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts in SSMS in Denali

In SQL Server Code Named “Denali” CTP3, we introduced some enhancements in the way we handled keyboard shortcuts in SSMS. My colleague Prachi Bora, a PM in the SQL Server Manageability team, has a crisp blog write-up on what’s new and what makes this cool. — SSMS veterans out there can tell you in their…


A day of Releases

Today we announced the next public CTP of Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali". Download links are here. We are also excited to release SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1. Download links are here. You can gather a quick overview of what’s new in these two releases in the SQL Server Release Services Blog here. As…


T-SQL IntelliSense enhancements in SSMS –Denali

  Kamal Bhatt (, a colleague of mine in the SQL Server Manageability Team, wrote up this useful blog post on some of the new Intellisense enhancements in SQL Server Code Name “Denali”. In this blog post, I will go over three IntelliSense enhancements that have been introduced in SSMS-Denali. They are as follows: a.)…


SQL Server Code-Named “Denali” – T-SQL Debugger Enhancements in CTP1

The debugger feature in SQL Server Management Studio gives us tools to debug T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, functions and triggers.  In this article, I am going to discuss some of the newly added functionalities in T-SQL debugger in SQL 11 CTP1. These enhancements are mainly aimed at bridging the gap between T-SQL and C# debugging experience…