SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer (February 2007 CTP)–Now Available

The much-anticipated SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer is now available on the Microsoft Download Center.  Thank you all for your input on this blog.  Thank you to the MVPs who have given me early feedback on the utility before it officially went live.  Adam Machanic and I had an email exchange last night covering some issues that I expect to be encountered by everybody.  Pat Wright has also sent me some good feedback.  I will compile these into a known-issues list and post it on this blog.

I will be travelling quite a bit in March... so for all future suggestions, please submit them on Microsoft Connect.

SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer (February 2007 CTP):

Still to come... the SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports... so stay tuned 🙂

Paul A. Mestemaker II
Program Manager
Microsoft SQL Server Manageability

Comments (6)

  1. Paul is the PM , he made the announcement today.

  2. Сразу же, вслед за SP2 , на сайте Microsoft стал доступен для скачивания предварительный дистрибутив

  3. Tim says:

    Can you confirm that this release does not address T-SQL “best Practices” ?

    If so are you working on this for a future release ?



  4. George says:

    Find one issue on it already – on Longhorn link “Send feedback and …” opens site // https://connect.microsoft.com/site/sitehome.aspx/?wa=wsignin1.0&siteid=68 //wrongly or maybe site is wrong 🙁

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