SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer – Webcast – Resources

Resources for today's webcast.





Upgrade Advisor Tool:



TechNet Webcast: Upgrade and Migration: Planning Considerations for SQL Server 2005 (Level 300)

Presenters: Michael Raheem and Euan Garden



Self-help resources from Microsoft:





Paul A. Mestemaker II

Program Manager

Microsoft SQL Server

Comments (2)

  1. Jeremy Coenen says:

    Is there an online resource or list of the rules that are used in the Best Practices Analyzer (kind of like the rule pages for FxCop)?

    Would be nice to have a list of the rules being implemented even if the tool is not out yet, that way we can still follow best practices even if the tool is not out yet.

  2. Recently Microsoft has release the much awaited SP2 for SQL Server 2005. Guys go and grab it – it has

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