SQLCMD Webcast demo scripts & link

Last month, as part of the TechNet Webcast: Manage SQL Server 2005 Using Command Line Tools and the SQLCMD Utility (Level 200) I had used a number of scripts for the demos. During the Q&A, number of attendees had requested access to these scripts. Thanks to Paul's efforts the SQLREM team now has its own blogs site & a hosting location for these scripts.

Attached below is a zip file containing the scripts to the 8 demos that we went thru during the webcast. Feel free to plagiarize these scripts to automate your own tasks & thanks for using SQLCMD to simplify your mundane tasks.

Ramesh Singh


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  1. svdba says:

    There is a free tool "SQLS*Plus" (on http://www.memfix.com ) which is like SQL*Plus for SQL Server.

    Very flexible with data formatting (set lines size, pagesize, etc), variables (&, &&), spool, batch execution of multiple files, etc

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